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June 15, 2009

Would it matter if the Chevy Volt is made by an entity other than "GM"? [w/POLL]

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One of the many questions arising from the General Motors bankruptcy is whether or not the company will keep the same name once it emerges from Chapter 11. While some people have already taken to calling it Government Motors, it seems somehow unlikely that new CEO Fritz Henderson will officially adopt that name. Still, the AP reported last week is at least being considered by the company. In a bit of thinking-out-loud contemplation, the Detroit Free Press has taken a look at the possibility that GM will indeed change its name. In them middle of the article is this paragraph:

Now, [a name change] also could be a sign to consumers that this really is a new, different enterprise. But GM’s immediate challenge will be selling vehicles such as the Chevy Volt that were clearly conceived and designed by the current company, warts and all.

When GM is talking about itself these days, the most common new “name” is, well, “the New GM.” The Free Press believes that GM should remain GM – why complicate matters. But what if the name does change and, since we’re imagining things here, the Volt is used as the symbol of this new brand. A new type of car for a new type of company. Good idea?

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[Source: Detroit Free Press]
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