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May 11, 2010

What to Look For In a Poker Tournament – Sit ‘n Gos!

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While poker playing pros may only be in the game for the money, for the rest of us there is something to be said about the excitement of playing this game. As playing in tournaments are an essential exercise to exercise our poker games, then why not look for a tournament which also promises you some fun. Sit, ‘n Gos are fast and furious and this makes them a whole lot of fun.

Most players seated at the high energy tables of the Sit ‘n Gos are there because there is still time to play a skillful game of poker but excitement remains at its peak throughout. Players are required to be consistently alert when the blinds are rising every few minutes. These tournaments vary, but in the majority are played as:

Blind Escalations
Regular (10 mins)
Turbo (5 mins)
UltraTurbo (2 mins)
And Turbo Sit ‘n Gos are extremely popular!

Sit ‘n Gos offer poker players low entry tables which means there will be a price to suit all pockets, or bankrolls if you like. At every level there is fierce competition but $3 and $6 appear to be the most popular.

It is possible that poker players may have to wait for a table to fill up before a Sit ‘n Go starts, but most good online poker sites try to avoid this. If you go for a site like Poker Stars for example, who experience heavy player traffic at peak times, this will never happen. Games start every few minutes and even faster – just register and by the time you have done this you will more than likely have a table filled and waiting to get started.

A Sit ‘n Go tournament is really easy to do well in, make sure you are not the fish in the barrel for the pros to pick you off and play in your own level. Coming out a winning poker player will ensure you enjoy Sit ‘n Gos even more.

Online you will find both one table and multi-table Sit ‘n Gos and both Texas Holdem and Omaha poker have 9, 18, 27 or 45 entries, while 7 Card Stud will only have seven. You can watch the seats being filled while you wait to play. Look at the “enrolled” column in the game and it will say something like “15 of 27”, which means 27 players are allowed and 15 have filled the seats.

Online Sit ‘n Gos are just like every other game of poker where the players, play against each other until one player is sitting with a pile of chips in front of them. Cash prizes are awarded according to the amount of entries in the tournament and there are tons of different poker tournaments to be had online. These tourney suit every pocket, every style of play and all levels of expertise, so as well as Sit ‘n Gos you can look out for MTT’s or Multi Table Tournaments, Heads Up, Super Stack and many others.

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