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September 7, 2009

We’re All in This Together

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Earning pocket money

Children chores to teach responsibility

After a summer at home with my four kids, we have a new teamwork approach!  I cannot tell you how many times I heard complaints that, “I didn’t make that mess,” or “its not my responsibility,” when asking my children to help clean up around the house.  They range in age from 6-11, but they already have the negotiating skills you might expect from parents that are both lawyers.

Fortunately, I am the judge.  I’ve rejected the “not guilty” pleas, while noting that we are all in this together!  Team Hicks is coming together to clean up the house…. and perhaps one day, the planet.  In our home, chores are done collectively and sometimes without complaint!

You too can teach your children about shared responsibility and you’ve given them one of the best life lessons possible.  Once kids experience teamwork at the family level, then you may graduate to discussing bigger impacts.

If only more people around the world thought about the fact that we’re all in this together, instead of selfishly focusing only on their own needs and desires, the Earth would be cleaner and greener.

South Beach Sisters

Teamwork is more fun when you have more than one!

Do you want to teach your children to be environmentally responsible, but not sure where to start?  You truly are your kids’ best teacher.  Model behavior such as using canvas shopping bags, recycling bottles and cans, shunning plastic water bottles, and even precycling by purchasing products with less packaging.

With the new school year starting, you may even want to bring the latest on green fundraising to the PTA or your children’s sports teams meetings.  Engage in smart back-to-school shopping, as well.  Whether re-using items from last year, or browsing garage sales for bargains, isn’t it time to show our kids we can make do with less?

How about walking to school or riding bicycles with your children instead of driving?  My new school year resolution is to do this at least once a week (more during nice weather).  Will you join with me?

Truly, we’re all in this together!  No matter your contribution to the current global climate change situation, or whether you’ve ever thrown trash along the side of the road, there is a shared responsibility as members of the greater family – the human race – to do whatever you can to help clean things up.

Just think of the extra allowance we’ll all earn as a result!

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