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June 16, 2009

UK Has Exceeded Kyoto 2010 Target By…

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One of the key arguments in the denier industry here has been that the Kyoto Accord doesn’t work: Aside from the oft touted argument that

A. global warming doesn’t exist… or if it does;
B. then human activities have nothing to do with causing it…
C. or even if we do have something to do with causing it, then mere legislation can’t lower CO2 emissions
D. …or even if legislation can make countries seek out more renewable power; then any non-fossil energy just doesn’t ‘work’ somehow.

So ever since most of the civilized world signed Kyoto, there has been a constant drumbeat from all the No We Can’t Think Tanks like the American Enterprise Institute or CATO propelling the idea that Europe is failing to meet the Kyoto goals.

Never mind that to be short of a 2010 goal in 1998 is no indication of failure. But now 2010 is within sighting distance.

And as they sing it in that great American musical South Pacific: If you don’t have a dream…? If you don’t have a dream? How… can you – make a – dream come true?”

This week we have news of yet another Kyoto nation to not just make its Kyoto dream come true – but to…

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