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August 16, 2009

Triangular Architecture for the Soochow Securities Headquarters

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Triangular skyscraper-designed with-vegetated-mini-atriums

Designed by Goettsch Partners, this triangular skyscraper has managed to win the design competition held for the new Soochow Securities Headquarters. A credible accolade of the design were the ingenious features that reduce the buildings overall energy requirements. The triangular skyscraper is a 21-storey building that renders 344,400 sq ft of office space and 86,100 sq ft for the stock exchange, meeting rooms, classroom, cafeteria and enough space in the dock to park 400 cars and 800 bikes.

Triangular skyscraper designed with vegetated mini-atriums -Image 2

The triangular shape is a symbol of balance and stability for the Chinese, plus it comes with the added advantage of shading — thereby lowering the energy required to cool the interiors. There is an atrium which runs through the entire height of the building and allows each level to be illuminated with natural light.

You will also find vegetated-mini atriums, native plantings and. Talk about exposure and it is specifically designed to minimize the overall using self-shading mass that reduces wast and west exposure. Lastly, there is a casing employed to provide passive shading during the warmer summers.

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