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June 16, 2009

Time for Jellyfish to Rule the Waters?

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Climate change has not only wreaked havoc on the earth, even the waters are witnessing a marked change. Jellies or Jellyfish as we aptly call them are prospering under water thanks to overfishing and climate change. What are supposedly eaten (when small) by sea turtles and other fish (especially the sun fish) are now becoming dangerous feeding on their predators itself.

Giant Echizen Jellyfish

Giant Echizen Jellyfish

This image reveals another giant jellyfish find — an Echizen jellyfish, which has a body almost 5 feet across. It did not beat the world’s largest jellyfish, Nomura (weighing 440 pounds with a 2 meter (6.6′) diameter) for size, but such regular finds are now becoming a matter of concern.

With nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous creating dead zones for the jellyfish to survive in water, it is said that the Jellyfish could rule the waters in times to come.

These dangerous fish have the tendency to burst through fishing nets and could even destroy local fisheries with their liking for egs and larvae. With no change in the fishing trend being reported, overfishing will soon make the waters unsafe as these giant jellyfish have poisonous tentacles which can even kill a human.

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