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February 1, 2012

The mental aspect of poker

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Learning to play good poker is more difficult than you might think, because you will often need to replace natural responses with strategies that work better. You need to set your emotions and intuitions aside, because they don’t lead you to the right decision at the poker table. Every poker player is only human, that is why psychology is so important.

The psychology of poker is about three things. First of all you will need to create a dream world for opponent in order to mislead him about your intentions. Secondly you will need to make every effort to see through your opponent. Read the signals and use your intuition for that.  Thirdly it is very important to be conscious of your mental state.

Psychology is often the decisive factor when two players are technically equivalent to each other.  However, it should be noted that poker psychology is obviously different with online poker as in that case  you cannot actually your opponents.

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