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August 15, 2011

The Beginners Guide to Sports Betting Online

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Beginners guides are not meant to instruct, merely offer an overview of a subject to assist the potential player to decide if this is something they would like to do. This beginners guide to sports betting online is also only meant to be an overview. Sports betting online has in fact become one of the most popular online gambling games, with a great many of these bets taking place also from mobile phones. In fact the growth in sports betting online by mobile is one of the fastest growth sectors in this industry and we have the smartphone as well as social networking to thank for this.

Whether you decide to take a wager from your PC, laptop or mobile…you will find there are many different online sportsbooks where this can be done. A sportsbook is kept separate from the online casino, but will be found in the same suite of games. For example if you choose to play at William Hill, this is a great UK site; they offer a bookmaker (sports bet option), casino, financial betting, mobile, bingo, Lotteries and more. You’ll find the same situation at Ladbrokes, Betfred, Betfair – although this is a betting exchange which is slightly different; Victor Chandler, and various other sites.

The idea behind a whole suite of gambling opportunities is to keep, online gamblers entertained.

Sports betting online offers a massive range of wagers to take; different odds and different ways of describing these odds, depending on the website where you play. For example in the UK, they express odds like this; 3/1, which means three to one – pay 1 and win 3. In Europe they use a decimal system, and for the US odds are expressed in a completely different way – often as ‘moneyline’ bets. Although we are not supposed to use US online gambling – not even sports betting sites, as these businesses are meant to be illegal. If you are a UK player, the sports betting site you choose will offer all the different US sports too, so there is no need to look further afield to wager on baseball, ice hockey, American football or US basketball for example. There is no sporting event that is not listed at a good UK site, it just depends on that’s sports’ betting or spectator value; everything has a price.

Sports betting in Europe is not considered to be so much of a gamble as an educated guess, and this is why this activity is a highly respectable business, as well a respectable way to earn extra money. In the UK sportsbooks are an important part of the framework of culture, much like bingo is, so as you can imagine these gamblers are well catered for.

Horse racing, and football betting are two of the biggest spectator sports and therefore also two of the biggest markets for punters to place a bet. Start off as beginner on one of these sports and see how the gamble falls into place. With a good attitude and some knowledge, it is not difficult to see patterns and systems before very long; its only a matter of practice.

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