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April 10, 2009

Synagogue Turned East Village Penthouse in the Heart of Concrete Jungle

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It would be real hard to imagine that someone living in the heart of a city as modern as New York can actually live in a green sanctuary that exudes both environmental values and eco-friendly design. But that’s exactly the pleasant surprise that you’ll find when you step into Dominique Camacho (owner @ Sustainable NYC) and Gary Hirschkron’s home.

Located in East Village, the building was a synagogue until the 1980s, when it was retrofitted to make five separate residences. After purchasing the home, the lucky couple turned it into a modernist’s version of the green haven that it once was.

Renovated and redesigned using some cool design elements and materials that have low impact on the planet, the new home sports a downstairs lounge, second-floor library and a third-floor bedroom.

The level of transparency in the construction and the extensive use of glass to bring in the modern minimalist feel have meant that there is plenty of natural ventilation which does away with lighting needs for most parts of the day. Elegant staircase, sweeping interiors and a patio that is connected to the top-floor bedroom are the highlights of this new structure designed in conjuncture with Brooklyn-based Manifold Architecture Studio.

You got to love this plan— both as a designer and a nature-lover. Isn’t’ it?

[NYTimes via ApartmentTherapy]

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