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May 5, 2009

Support the American Clean Energy and Security Act

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Support the American Clean Energy and Security Act

Support the American Clean Energy and Security Act

Want to do something to help address climate change right now?  You can!

The RePower America campaign is asking for support of the American Clean Energy and Security Act currently being considered in Congress.  Al Gore is specifically asking for each of us to get 10 people to support clean energy legislation within the week.

Can you do it?   Of course you can try!

If you aren’t familiar with the RePower America organization, its goal is to “repower” the USA with 100% clean electricity (solar, wind, etc.) within 10 years!  Given the current economic and environmental climate, it is urgent that we get new legislation passed not only to clean up the Earth, but to create some important, needed green jobs.

What’s at stake?

  • green jobs; living wages for thousands of people
  • viable renewable energy sources, through investment and R&D
  • continued rising of greenhouse gas levels
  • unchecked carbon emissions
  • shorelines – threatened by rising sea levels
  • glaciers and ice packs
  • thousands of animal and plant species
  • our way of life

As described in a post about President Obama’s Earth Day speech:

Obama has promised an overall, gradual transition of the country to renewable energy, instead of building more coal plants and drilling for domestic oil.  The impetus for this change is the American Clean Energy and Security Act, currently under consideration by Congress.

As we noted last week, not all parts of the proposed American Clean Energy and Security Act may pass – debates are ongoing about whether biomass should be considered renewable energy.  But still, we need to have a comprehensive new environmental law – the first one in decades  – to address carbon capture and/or cap and trade, greenhouse gas emissions, a smart grid, 100% clean electricity and green jobs!

Obama’s energy plan, through the proposed Act, is expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.  By 2050, the reductions will be to over 80%.  To see Obama’s Earth Day Speech in its entirety, click here.

What can you do to help?

RePower America is asking citizens to call their elected representatives.  Find out the name and number through the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.  When you make the call, use the following script:

“Hi. This is [your name] from [your city, state]. I am calling to urge Representative [fill in the blank with the name of the Representative of your Congressional District]  to support the The American Clean Energy and Security Act. This bill will help create good jobs that can’t be outsourced and increase our supply of clean, free energy. It will revitalize our economy and help solve the climate crisis. That’s why, as a constituent, it is very important to me that my elected officials support the clean energy jobs plan. Thank you.”

Its just a few minutes of your time, but you can make a big difference!

Please post in the comments below if you’ll take on the challenge.

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