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June 15, 2009

Solar Cooling – Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Increasing Hot Temperature

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More every day the number of record-breaking hot summer days is increasing. Ice bergs are melting and some geographic regions experience unusual waves of heat.

solar heat

This trend has created a high air conditioning demand for houses, hospitals, hotels, workspaces and other commercial buildings. People turn to the conventional air conditioning systems; however the problem is only getting worse because the AC is an energy-guzzler.

In many countries air conditioning is one of the highest energy consuming services in buildings. The problem is that most of the electricity used is coming from fossil fuels, like diesel and coal. Today such fuels are well known to be highly contributing to climate change through their CO2 emissions. Simply put, as outside temperatures are increasing, you turn on the AC and so you cause the outside temperature to increase even more.

That pretty much sums up the vicious cycle.

Solar Cooling

But, the cycle has to be broken from within, using creative solutions. An alternative now exists since the free and sustainable solar radiation can be turned into cool air. Since this is being done without the use of electricity, it is a solution that provides the comfort we all want and is environmentally friendly. Hence why the concept of solar cooling has been born. The sun, while providing heating, also delivers the energy to cool.

The best part of the whole concept is that the hottest days with highest cooling needs also offer the maximum solar energy input. Simply put, as outside temperatures are increasing, you turn on the environmentally friendly cooling system without escalating the problem.

The battle for accepting global warming as a serious threat has already been won. Solar cooling comes in to break the vicious increasing hot temperature cycle. The products now exist and now the remaining question is how soon will action be taken?

ClimateWell from Sweden is one of the top “green” companies in Europe . They already sell innovative technologies that use the solar heat for cooling without using electricity. This was developed by Göran Bolin alongside the whole green revolution started. Their technology is already mass produced and distributed world wide from their production plant in Spain.

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