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April 10, 2009

Six Great Green Blogs

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Now that concern for the planet is in fashion again, the web is teeming with new green sites and some old standbys are showing new green life. There is a veritable information banquet out there, all the more exciting ,coming as it does, after the long famine of the Bush years.  It feels like 1975 all over again to me.  I am a very happy camper these days.

I check numerous  sites on a regular basis.  It’s a movable feast….but there are some old standbys that never fail me and some newbies in cyber-town that are informative, well written and entertaining too.  I am particularly partial to blogs with an attitude, and small blogs done by individuals or a small team where the personality and point of view really shines through.

Blogs With Green Personality

Climate Progress was a voice in the wilderness during the bad Bush years and it continues to be the most lucid, authoritative voice on global warming in the blogisphere today. Definitely a must read for anyone with  an interest in this topic.

Twilight Earth is dedicated to saving the planet and these guys are serious about it. They provide daily posts on everything from fossil fuel to farmers markets in an authentic, passionate and knowledgeable voice. Vast array of topics and great discussions in the comments section. Don’t miss a single post.

The Oil Drum is run by a dedicated team that serves up everything you ever wanted to know, every day about energy and the future. It is dazzling in its scope and expertise, highly opinionated and right on the money.

Solar Power-PV Panels is a small, targeted solar blog dedicated to giving down to earth, unbiased information on solar power and solar panels. No commercial axes to grind here-just good solid up to date info.

Traveling the Green Way is a delightful eco travel blog that talks about everything from volunteer vacations in Central America to the carbon footprint of air travel. There is something here for everybody plus lush descriptions and great photos for the armchair traveler( like me)

Eco Joe’s Blog offers green thinking for the average Joe. It’s a personal blog full of punch and personality and often posts stuff you won’t find elsewhere. It’s informative and just plain fun.

So there you have it….six of my all-time personal favorites, in no particular order.  There are many more, but these are the ones I read for enjoyment as well as information.  Hope you’ll check them out and tell me what you think.  I’m always interested in finding new  green blogs so feel free to mention  your picks in the comment section.  Happy green reading.

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