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June 16, 2009

Sitting in the lap of nature by turning plants into chairs

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There are various ways to love nature, conserve it and be in touch with it. One of them is a chair designed by Swiss designer Michel Bussien. Bussien simply turned growing plants into a chair so that you can literally touch nature.

Growing Chair by Michel Bussien

Growing Chair by Michel Bussien

The chair “sits” on a rolling planter with willow trees growing from each leg. Russian vine wraps around the willow branches, adding to the effect of greenery.

But the “philosophy” behind the Growing Chair is actually embodied in the man and nature bond that the modern society seems to have broken these days. Hence why Michel Bussien designed it as a step forward in “reuniting” with nature and getting creative again.

Now all ye nature lovers, please be seated.

[via Inhabitat]

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