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April 10, 2009

San Francisco Mayor Takes Detroit to Task For Electric Car Failures

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is in it to win it today. After earlier defending San Francisco from Oregon’s plan to overtake the Bay Area as the EV capital of the world, news hit the wire that Mayor Newsom struck hard at Detroit for killing their electric vehicle programs and lacking the vision to move beyond hybrids.

At conference on the future of the auto industry sponsored by Newsweek, Mayor Newsom remarked:

“With respect to Detroit, it is not good enough to advance by 2012 an ambitious strategy of having 14 different models at GM of hybrids — when hybrids are yesterday’s technology. Hybrids have been on the market since 1999. The car industry must be reinvented and automakers must move quicker to plug-in hybrids.”

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