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September 4, 2009

Real Estate Bicycle Tours

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It´s Back!

Real estate bicycle tours are big!

This is one of those ideas that may have you scratching your head wondering… why didn’t they think of this before?  Real estate bicycle tours are big these days!

Yes, we know that prices for properties are generally down across the country, but the unique approach of several brokerage firms has people hopping on their bikes for a nice Sunday afternoon ride to tour homes for sale.  Who knows… maybe its even helping turn around the market?

Across the U.S., real estate bicycle tours have been a great way to spend the weekend browsing homes for sale, while saving gas and getting in a bit of a workout too.  Another blogger observed that, because “bike-friendliness” is an important criteria for some home buyers, riding a bike around the neighborhood is a good way to make an assessment.

Bike Ride 1

Bicycle your way to a new home!

In Boulder, Colorado, Pedal to Properties is a full service real estate company that keeps a fleet of bicycles for clients to use on showings. They go out each Wednesday night with their clients.   There must be something in the Colorado air… as shown in the above video, Home Buyer Bike Tours operates in Denver, as well.  The rides there are every Saturday in NW Denver, weather permitting!

Seriously!  After watching that video, I want to tour around to check out some home buying bargains too.

Yet time may be short in some areas of the country.  Colorado notoriously gets a fair amount of snow each year.  So, its real estate bicycle tours end in September.  But in Hawaii, you can be sure to continue checking out properties from your two-wheeler, most days of the year:

Bikes tours are available in Kailua every second and fourth Sunday, at Ocean Pointe the first Saturday of the month and in Hawaii Kai every second Saturday of the month.

Other tours are ongoing in areas across the country including Atlanta and Chicago.  Of course, you should confirm ahead of schedule whether any revisions have been made to the schedule.  And always wear a helmet and bring a water bottle.

Even if you are not a big fan of bicycling, you can still tour real estate from a vehicle other than a car or truck.  Why not an electric bike?

And, it goes without saying that tourism is cheaper and more environmentally-friendly when you tour on a bicycle.  So, even if you are not in the market for a new house, get out and explore the city on a bicycle.  Guarantee that you’ll return home happy and refreshed!

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