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September 7, 2010

Problems for French poker players

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Since France has legalized online games, actually since France has legalised poker, because online casino are still banned, many French people feel a sense of disinterest in the activity. So what are the reasons? Why do the French players lose interest in the poker activity?

Actually, the disinterest of online poker is essentially felt by professional players and experienced players. Since France has allowed gambling games, the country gave the power to the ARJEL Authority (French online gambling game authority) to control the gambling laws and enforce the law in terms of online gambling games. The ARJEL is pleased to manage this market and at the end of June, the authority has attacked the ISP (internet approved suppliers) to prohibit access to French players by playing on foreign online gambling sites. This means that the ARJEL wants to force French players to play between French players and that all and also through legalized sites that the ARJEL allowed. Even if this attack affects the players’ privacy, the judge ruled in favour of the ARJEL.

Today, if a online sites don’t produce a file for a French online license in France and had not acquired a license, the website can’t be more longer available on the French market and the ISP have to prohibit any addresses which are not allowed to practise the activity in France. For example, at the moment, the poker770 site is trying to get its license in France but because the site does not yet have some specific criteria, Poker 770 is not allowed to practise on the French market, which means that if you try to join this site, a message will ban you to play on this site. ISPs have an obligation to prohibit this kind of website (it is an example among other one).

But for online poker players, this means that the French players should just play between French players because the masquerade is the same for each country and ARJEL does not want to give access to foreigners and foreigners don’t want to play on our websites. The Americans or the Germans players deemed to be excellent players and high rollers do not want to play on the French sites because they considerer that this market is too small in terms of rewards. As a result, French poker players cannot play poker today along with experimented players and cannot compare themselves to American players whom are probably the best poker players in the world. Thus, a significant number of French people don’t want to play any more online at poker and they don’t feel as much interest in playing online, a restriction which could cost a lot for online gambling website and the French government too.

Moreover, the French government tax every bet of 2% each time, which is rather big if you compare to other countries. Through this tax, earnings and announced prize roll are much less attractive than usual: a second reason that probably stops more experienced players to play online. It would be probably better to tax the companies on their profits, it would be much easier for the company to manage its rewards and also be able to be more competitive.

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