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August 31, 2010

Position in poker

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The position with which you play is a very important, and it is very important for a beginner to be aware of this game concept. If you are the first or the last poker player to talk, it makes a huge difference.

In fact, when you talk first, it is difficult to know how many players will follow you. But if you play at the last position, you know exactly how many players are following you that mean that you can already analyse the games of your adversaries. If most of the players fold and some of them are just following the big blind, you already know that they don’t have such a good game and you can raise without being worry a significant amount especially if your hand is strong.

Imagine that you have an ace and a 6. The flop comes, ace-5-J. Your opponent checks, you check too. Next turn, an ace, the other player raises, you raise his raise. He decides to go all in you call. He had a pair of Jack, a very strong pair but it does not allow him to win with your three of the kind. He has only two pairs. You just need to hope that the last one won’t be a Jack. Being in the final position, make a big difference,  you can do whatever you want and if  you check, you can see the next card and choose to raise or not. You can also analyze the game of another poker player.


Raise in Poker is paid quite often. Many players do not take the initiative to raise with something and prefer to follow someone, which can be your strength. Imagine you’re in last place to talk. You have a king and a jack. It is a very good hand. Everybody follows the big blind (BB). You raise because nobody wants to take a risk. A number of players fold but some will follow you to see the flop. Do not let too many players to see the flop, like that the probability for them to make a good combination is lower.

The flop comes: An ace 8 and 2. Nothing helps you but maybe the same for your opponents. The 2 or 3 opponents are checking. You raise even if you have nothing. If they all fold, you’ve managed to scare them with nothing but having the advantage of being in last position. If one of them follows you but do not raise, it is because he is waiting for something. At the next card, if the card is in your advantage, observe what your opponent will do and take a decision at that time. If he raises, he has probably an ace. It would be crazy to follow him but he can understand your game then you can either raise or fold. The fact raise again will allow you to know if he really has something.

Being able to observe what your opponents have, it is a very important advantage that allows you to manage the game.

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