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February 9, 2012

Phil Hellmuth is getting ready for regulation of online poker?

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Since the Black Friday everybody is talking about the legalization of online casino games and especially about the regulation of online poker. About this, what Phil Hellmuth has to say is that the legalization of poker on internet in America will happen very soon, it is just a matter of days according to him. With have to admit that there are a lot of gossip around the regulation of the online gambling market nowadays, and whatever we can hear, it does not necessary mean that it is the truth. Indeed, America is probably the country with the more gambling and online gambling lovers, for this particular reason the government really started thinking about a regulation of the online market in USA. The thing really strange in USA is that online gambling is forbidden but at the same time USA is the country with the more gamblers, and a lot of them live their life with the money they earn playing online poker, blackjack, bingo, slots ad any other casino games they can find on internet. Poker players are probably the ones who make the more money thanks to gambling, and now Phil Hellmuth declared that he will have a contract with a non-well known sponsor because he is sure about the legalization of online poker.

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