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April 10, 2009

Peapod Eco Mobility Vehicle, Chrysler’s Green-pod Makes its Debut

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The Peapod has been in news quite often since the day Chrysler announced that they were going to bring out a uber-cool and futuristic-styled neighborhood pod that allows you to commute across the city with ease and style.

The little green delight runs completely on electric charge and seats four in a lightweight Arion-inspired seats, sports suicide doors— saving space in the congested urban setting, a glass roof that can be removed for some open-air driving and even some decent trunk space.

The tiny wonder can go around for 30 miles on a single charge making it good enough for most people who are likely going to buy the Peapod. With complete emission-free technology and a top speed of (just) 25 mph, this has both its pros and cons. But most importantly it serves the purpose it is designed for to keep the road clean. And it does it incredibly well. Hitting the stores in this October, this will set you back for $12,000.

But it is well worth the price! [via Engadget]

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