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June 27, 2009

Orange Solar Tent Concept uses solar enegry for lighting

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While the future for most things is looking bleak, thanks to global warming, the Solar Tent Concept from Orange comes across as a revelation that inspires humans to do better with the natural resources available. I would still say that Solar energy is the most under used resource and the tent tells us how to spruce up the usage.

Orange Solar Tent

Orange Solar Tent Concept

Orange got help from the famous American product design consultancy-kaleidoscope to develop a tent that uses coated solar threads fused with conventionally used fabric to take form. The solar threads nullify the usage of the heavy solar panels making the product light and ergonomic at the same time.

The triple-directional glides help the tent chase the sun throughout the day to ensure maximum storage of the solar energy. When it turns dark, the stored solar energy then gets converted into electrical form. The converted electricity uses a pouch circuit ready to power your appliances such as a mobile or a lappy.

Another highlight is the ‘glo-cation’ technology that lets the tent glow on receiving a text from a camper or when he approaches it courtesy of RFID. A special ground sheet is also powered by the stored energy to keep your floor warm. [via Ecofriend]

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