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June 27, 2009

One Man’s Trash

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Day One Hundred Thirty Two

One Man's Trash is another's treasure

We’ve posted about dumpster diving in the past, and it turns out that the “sport,” if you will, is becoming more popular for several reasons.  Economic pressures and saving the environment are just two of the driving forces that cause people to take a second look at what others may leave behind.  One man’s trash is another’s treasure!

With foreclosures currently at record highs, many people are leaving “home sweet home,” without the ability to take it all with them.  That, coupled with the annual migrations in and out of colleges, some just decide that its too much work to pack it all up, or even to send it to the Goodwill or other charitable organizations.

That’s when programs like Green Move Out, organized by the George Washington University housing director, can really provide a helping hand:  for the movers, for the environment, and for those in charitable need.

06-13-06 Trash on the Ohio - B&W

Don't trash your trash

People who engage in dumpster diving consider it to be the ultimate in recycling – and may even use it as a political statement against capitalism excess.  While it may not be for you, there are plenty of people that have embraced the “freegan” lifestyle.  Not only decorating their living spaces and dressing in items tossed out by others, but even scavenging food like day old bakery items and slightly brown bananas.

Not to put the kibbash on the freegan movement and dumpster diving divas out there, but we really do trash too much trash.  Buying things we don’t need, food that spoils before we can use it, and perhaps just being too lazy/rushed/harried to make a minor repair or to box up items that we don’t want to use any longer for donation.

Case in point: as a result of the Green Move Out program at George Washington University this year, more than 53,500 pounds of goods were collected for charity.  Estimates are that most of it would have otherwise ended up in dumpsters at the end of the school year.

Next time you are taking out the garbage, give a second thought to what you’re dumping in the dumpster.  Could you recycle anything?  Make a donation?  Make smarter purchasing decisions in the first place?

Particularly with respect to donating to charitable organizations, remember that one man’s trash is often another’s treasure!  I doubt I’ll be dumpster diving in the near future, but I will pledge to go through my own garbage even more carefully before heading out to the curb next week.

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