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April 10, 2009

Office Politics: Giving to the Boss

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Giving gifts to your boss is a touchy subject. Will they view it as a sincere expression of appreciation, or simply a bit of brown nosing? Then there is the question of what you will give. Will your gift be perceived to be too small (cheap skate) or too big (major suck up)? What about all the inter-office politics and one-upmanship? Fortunately, has come up with a much better, less stressful, solution… group gifting.

Let’s say you have a team of 12 and your boss’ birthday is a few weeks away. You could all each stress over what to give individually, careful to play office politics deftly; or, you let make the whole process easy. First, determine what gift to buy, and then invite those who will participate and then let take care of the rest. No worrying about collecting the money and who will purchase and ship; has you covered.

Normally, in the pre- group gifting days, everyone would buy individual gifts such as See’s candies, a coffee mug or a business cards holder. After some time, these gifts, however well intentioned, do not excite anymore. If you really want the boss to smile and feel like the team actually cares, consider pooling resources to buy something cool, like a Nintendo Wii GET Fit bundle. When bought alone, this item costs almost $700 (enough for the boss to consider giving you a pay cut), but when the cost is shared among 12 hard working employees, the individual amount is under 60 bucks.

Of course, I am assuming your boss actually deserves a gift. For those that don’t, here is an idea.

Do you have a great gift idea for your superstar boss? We would love to hear it. Share your story with us in the comment section.

Are you a boss? What has been the best gift you have received from your team? The worst?

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