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September 21, 2009

New Concept Makes PCs More Aesthetically Appealing, Literally Greener

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Luis Luna Green Computing 1

New PC concept from designer Luis Luna make the desktop appear more appealing visually,and give it the ability to offset at least a small amount of the CO2 it produces during its lifetime. The design gives a smoother look to the desktop as a sleek circular package. The center of this circle has a cavity to hold some soil, and provide enough ground to grow small plants.

Luis Luna Green Computing 2

The idea is to make the CPU a decorative piece and secure it with the idea of going green. Having a bit of greenery on the desk is never a bad thing, and it will also help keep the user charged with the idea of saving the environment. The small plant growing on the PC may not have a marked effect on the environment, or even be enough to completely offset the CO2 emissions related with the system. But it will be able to reduce a tiny amount of CO2, and with a large number of computers going green, it could have a marked effect, simply because of the numbers involved.

[via Core77]

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