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August 24, 2009

Muck Monster, the Mysterious Creature Lurking in Florida’s Lake Worth Lagoon

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muck monsterWhat is it that mysterious creature that is creeping under the surface of the Lake Worth Lagoon in Palm Beach County, Florida, the United States?

Greg Reynolds of said that  “Channel marker ten is the first time we saw the unknown creature. We followed it and started taking video.”

Don Serrano, who was with Greg Reynolds when the creature was caught on tape, said that it’s “different, very different.”

Although they don’t know what it is, both Greg and Don are certain that it is something. And, even though the creature in the Lake Worth Lagoon has not yet been identified, it’s been called “the elusive muck monster.”

Thomas Reinert, a marine biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who studied the video, says that it seems to be an animal moving without breaking the surface.

“I can only speculate,” Reinert said, “but we need more evidence to determine the identity of the so-called muck monster.”

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