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April 10, 2009

MIT Students to Build a “Green” Eleanor

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A grueling 7-day, nearly 1,900-mile race from Darwin to Adelaide across the Australian Outback, the 10th World Solar Challenge will once again test the best solar-powered vehicles from designers and race enthusiasts all across the planet. And since the race that has already attained mythical proportions with its promotion of solar energy and its testing conditions, for this year the guys from MIT will come up with a green supercharged Eleanor that will carry the fight down under.

Only driving on sun power the green supercar packs quite a punch with a top speed of just 50 mph, while adding some battery juice it will reach a good 70-80 mph. Named after the famous 1967 Ford Mustang from “Gone in 60 Seconds” (doesn’t look like “her” though), the vehicle is powered by 20 square feet of silicon solar panels that put out 1,200 watts and comes loaded with 600 lithium-ion cells from laptop batteries that helps reduce weight and improve efficiency. Dramatically!

The guys at MIT are hoping to put in some miles on the Eleanor before they get down to business in the big race. We’re with you all the way on this one …

Source: MSNBC

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