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May 4, 2009

Mean Joe Green #61: Monsanto Grows a Genetically Modified Blogger

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Monsanto, the company that brought you saccharine, aspartame, herbicides 2,4,5-T, DDT, Agent Orange, a variety of plastics including polystyrene, synthetic fibers, bovine growth hormone (BST, rBGH), PCBs, nuclear weapons, the potentially carcinogenic RoundUp, a variety of maize that may cause liver and kidney toxicity, lawsuits against small farmers who do not want to use their products, a myriad of environmental disasters, and genetically modified crops that are introduced into our food system without proper labelling or proper testing for safety–now offers up in its defense their very own genetically modified blogger.

Before we get to said blogger I’d like to link this passage from Wikipedia, offering a very small taste of Monsanto’s activity in the US (I have linked to much more information after the cartoon).

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