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June 16, 2009

Lexus HS250 Hybrid to Sell 25,000 Units the First Year

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With the economy declining as it is, Toyota’s belief that it would be able to sell 25,000 Lexus Hybrids within the first twelve months is appreciable. The Lexus HS250 has yet to go on sale (later this summer) and Toyota has some real good reasons to back their belief.

2010 Toyota Lexus HS 250h hybrid

2010 Toyota Lexus HS 250h hybrid

The Lexus Hybrid is Toyotas’ first hybrid-only luxury model which will be sold in the US. The car is added to the line up of the highly successful Prius which is headed into its third generation in the not too distant future. With 60% of the entry level sedan buyers considering a hybrid model, Toyota could actually achieve its targets.

A major factor of consideration for Toyota is the decline in the sale of fuel-efficient cars as the hybrid cars demand a premium of $3,000 to $5,000 over the regular gasoline powered competitors. The Lexus is roomier, wider and longer compared to the Prius so it may attract more buyers even on this count.

2010 Toyota Lexus HS 250h hybrid

2010 Toyota Lexus HS 250h hybrid

Toyota sells 75% of its hybrid cars in the United States. Therefore the estimates for the new entry level luxury hybrid may sound unrealisticl, but the reality could startle us in the near future, we only need to wait a year for the results. Oh, and have you noticed the trends in the price of fuel lately?

[via Reuters] Images courtesy of geognerd

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