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September 21, 2009

Let’s Take a Ride in an Electric Car

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They Might be Giants

They Might be Giants entertains the crowd

The indie/pop group,”They Might Be Giants,” has turned in recent years to entertaining children with unique songs and videos.  Not since “Schoolhouse Rock” have educational tunes been so engaging.

As a proponent of electric cars, I was especially thrilled to find a new music video which illustrates the benefits of plug-in vehicles to youngsters.

Fun animation and puppetry is the group’s foundation.  In “Electric Car,” TMBG uses the talents of husband and wife team Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata of Tiny Inventions to provide the video’s animation. The song is included on the CD/DVD entitled, Here Comes Science, a release that aims to teach children about things like the periodic table, photosynthesis and solid liquid gas.

Who’s ready?  Let’s take a ride in a Electric Car!

Chevy Volt concept electric car North American International Auto Show Detroit 2008 194 N

Let's Take a Ride in an Electric Car!

You’ll probably agree that TMBG has created a catchy hit that will have green kids and their parents singing along.  In the vein of Jack Johnson’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” listeners are left believing that being environmentally-sensitive is a fun, hip thing to do.  I dare you to listen to the tune without humming along….

They Might be Giants has had plenty of positive press about “Electric Car.”  In fact, in January this year, the song premiered on National Public Radio when the group’s manager and automobile expert, Jamie Kitman, visited the Detroit Auto Show and was interviewed about electric cars.

Of course, the NPR interview is probably more interesting to parents who want to learn about lithium-ion batteries and plug-in cars in general.  So, in order to engage kids at a level that they can enjoy and appreciate, TMBG employs a catchy tune with memorable lyrics.  Who wouldn’t want to take a ride in an Electric Car?

Play the video, listen to the song…. and if you want to make it part of your family’s collection, be sure to pick up a copy of “Here Comes Science,” in a CD/DVD format, on sale now.

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