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June 27, 2009

L.A. County Sheriff Department bags 17 MINI E’s for a Testing Program

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It is time for L A Sheriffs to go green and although it is not the first time for a county to make such a decision, what pleases us is the choice of the car.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department has bagged a once-in-a-lifetime lease to test run 17 MINI E cars. The BMW AC Propulsion cars will only cost $10 a month whereas us regular folk have to pay $850 a month for the same program.

The MINI Es do not pelt at haunting speeds anyway, but even then the department is not keen on using these babies to chase down snitches. These cars will be stationed at administrative offices and used for recruitment and volunteers.

The experiment gives us a sneak peak into the future where the world cannot survive without cars like the MINI E.

Government departments have to take the lead and once they realize that the green cars are worthy of the claim, slowly such machines would percolate into the mainstream community.

[via Autobloggreen]

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