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April 10, 2009

How can I reuse or recycle promotional bottle openers?

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Bottle openerAside from always useful tshirts or bags, we try to avoid as many promotional items as possible when attending conferences or the like because it’s invariably wasteful junk – but even still, we seem to have ended up with loads of those promotional bottle opener things.

And it’s not just conferences, the last two we got were quietly slipped into our food bag when we were picking up some late night chips – grrr.

We don’t open that many bottles – and a corkscrew or can opener is always closer to hand than a single-use tool – so the little advertisements are just about useless for their intended purpose.

The one in the photo is quite basic so if nothing else, could be thrown in the metal recycling but we’ve got some unnecessarily complex plastic-and-metal ones so not as easily recyclable.

Are they good for anything else other than opening bottles?

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