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June 16, 2009

How can I reuse or recycle posters?

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posters.jpgWe’ve had an email from Caren:

I’m moving out of halls next week and getting rid of the posters I bought at the start of the year, am sick of looking at them!!

I could just put them in our green bin but wondered if you had any better suggestions?

If they’re still in good condition, you might want to see if your student union has a furniture recycling programme and if they’d accept them in that. I don’t know how widely spread the practise is but (my local uni) Leeds University Union has a scheme to collect unwanted furniture, crockery, pans and other homeware etc at the end of the year instead of it just been dumped in the rubbish in the rush to clear out for the summer. The stuff is then redistributed to those in need in the local community – while posters aren’t as critical as having a pan to cook your dinner in, they might help cheer up a depressing room for someone. Or you could just pass them on to someone directly using Freecycle.

Aside from that, most proper posters I’ve come across tend to be pretty heavy paper so could be used for all sorts of papercrafts. You could use a couple which are either similar or pleasantly contrasting to make a paper basket like I featured on Things To Do Today last week. They could also be used as heavy-duty wrapping paper or made into gift bags/envelopes.

Any other ideas?

(Oh, and we’ve covered laminated posters too.)

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