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September 14, 2009

How can I reuse or recycle baby clothes?

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babygroWe’ve had an email from Gemma:

I’d like to make something out of my daughter Hayley’s first babygrows and bibs but all the refashioning ideas I can find are from adult clothes. Have you got any suggestions?

Baby clothes probably don’t lend themselves quite as well to keepsake projects as, say, a lace/satin wedding dress but I’m sure they can be put to other reuses. The first idea that springs to mind is a quilt for the baby – the cotton will be super soft so make a nice snuggly cover. They’ll also make great reusable face cloths/wipes.

Aside from crafty solutions, if they’re still in good condition and you’re not too attached to them, of course you should pass them along someone else to use – either through a baby group, a charity shop or through something like the NCT’s nearly new sales.

Any actual refashioning ideas? Or other ideas?

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