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September 21, 2009

How can I reuse or recycle a high visibility jacket?

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high-visibility-jacketLast week’s post about glowsticks reminded me that we’ve got a torn up high visibility jacket (well, waistcoat) in the cellar. It’s been there for a good few years now – I found it on the top of a wheelie bin in our street after we’d had a period of roadworks and I thought “ooh, I can do something with that” – but never got around to doing anything with it.

Given they tend to be used by people doing hard physical work, I suspect jackets and other high vis clothing gets damaged quite a lot – are there any recycling schemes in place for companies/organisations that go through a lot of them?

On a smaller scale, any suggestions for reuses? Anything that can take advantage of the fluorescent fabric and reflective strips?

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