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April 10, 2009

Helping to Save Animals 1 Island at a Time

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When I read this article on Friends for Animals, the lights started going off in my head.  Why wouldn’t more solutions like this one start flooding the newswire?  It makes complete and total sense with all of the land in the world that is open and available for organizations to adopt similar, low-cost solutions to help endadgered species survive and flourish.

In a landmark agreement with the Gambian government, the international animal-rights organization Friends of Animals will help fund and support the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project, an island sanctuary located in the River Gambia National Park. It is home to some 80 chimpanzees, who live in relative freedom—without bars or cages—on three of the national park’s five islands.

Primatologist Janis Carter, who has worked with the national park’s chimpanzees for three decades, has been appointed the director, and will maintain the 1,500-acre, open-air sanctuary, while also working to protect the region’s habitat, provide local environmental education, and foster community development.

Read more at Friends for Animals.

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