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May 5, 2009

Happy May Day

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Happy May Day: celebrate with a maypole

Whether you have sun or liquid sunshine in your area of the world, get out and enjoy spring! Happy May Day!

The first of May brings joy to many, as a day to celebrate the changing of the seasons, the lengthening days, and yes… even some pagan worship (if that’s your thing).  Traditionally, children have left flowers on the front porches of neighbors, and girls in flowing dresses dance around the Maypole, festooned with long, colorful ribbons.

In some countries, May Day is a holiday.  Schools, government buildings and workplaces are closed to honor International Labor Day.  The day is one on which to celebrate the successes of the labor union movement.  Worldwide, there are parades and festivals, with a lot of people just simply taking the occasion to have some fun!

In Hawaii, residents of Oahu celebrate Lei Day on May 1.  The ancient art of making leis (flower necklaces) is recognized and displayed.  For weeks leading up to May, lei makers gather unique, beautiful materials to create remarkable leis for Lei Day:

Happy Ramadhan, Eid Mubarak - ??? ??? ?????

Give May Day flowers

Here at Peachy Green, we’ll jump on the May Day bandwagon to simply mark the joyous arrival of spring.  Yes, the season technically started 6 weeks ago, but the arrival of May flowers, following April showers, brings new hope for summer days, frolicking in the sun.

Enjoy these Russian dancers – waltzing around a May Pole in a traditional dance:

On this May Day, pick up a bouquet of flowers.  Give a bunch to a friend.  Smiles are free.

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