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September 1, 2009

Grow a Pair for the Planet

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Peachy Green

Peachy Green

Its hard to believe, but Peachy Green is a year old already!  Last August, three of my friends and I started this blog with its cute, cheeky title.  Instead of the doom and gloom you might normally read with respect to environmental news, we’re focusing on positive things you can do for the Earth, and “Harvesting the Fruits of Going Green.”

360 posts later, here we are…. firmly rooted and growing up nicely.

Now, we’re asking you to grow a pair for the planet.  That’s right!  Step up, and be a peach.  Do what is environmentally sound – whether making a greater effort to recycle, use canvas shopping bags, or plant a garden.  There are so many easy things you can do on a daily basis that can make a positive impact for you and future generations.  Yes, its not difficult to live green!

For example:

Over the past 12 months, we’ve included posts focused on teaching your children about recycling and living green.  We’ve also debated alternative energy projects, including biomass and geothermal energy.  Some of our favorite, most popular articles concern wildlife – whether elephants, cheetahs or sharks.

Certainly, you saw our adorable post about the bobcat kitten and fawn that became friends after being rescued from a forest fire!

Grow a pair for the planet! (image from heliosphan on Flickr)

Grow a pair for the planet! (image from heliosphan on Flickr)

While the lighter, happy side of choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle is explored here, there can be no question that saving the planet is a serious matter that requires serious effort.

That’s why we urge you – though just a bit tongue in cheek – to grow a pair for the planet!

Can you reduce your water usage just a bit each morning?  Walk or ride your bicycle to work?  How about advising your co-workers on reducing waste at the office?  (pssst…. have them start by subscribing to this blog!)

You can live Peachy Green!  (image from pa1nt on Flickr)

You can live Peachy Green! (image from pa1nt on Flickr)

There are so many ways that you can be proactive in reducing waste, cutting down your carbon footprint, all of which can help you live healthier and breathe easier.  And that truly is the positive side of going green.

So, next time you hear about wasteful practices in the news, or see your neighbor toss an aluminum can in the trash, tell them to grow a pair for the planet!  Its the peachy thing to do!

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