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May 5, 2009

Green Pizza Boxes

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It´s not delivery...

Green Pizza Boxes are finally here!

If you’re like me, you probably order out for pizza at least once a week.  Life just seems to get too busy to cook homemade meals everyday… But issues with recycling pizza boxes may slow you down (not to mention trying to cram that huge square, grease-covered box in your trash).

Never fear — green pizza boxes are here!  All you need to do is convince your local restaurants to use them.

From E.C.O. (environmentally conscious organization) comes 100% recycled containers that not only hold your delivery pie, but also serve as plates for your dinner, and storage for left-overs.

Eco-friendly pizza boxes

Eco-friendly pizza boxes

The design is genius!  Did you know that the pizza box design has not changed in 30 years?  That is a ton of waste, if you ask me.  Why wouldn’t major pizza delivery corporations like Dominoes, Pizza Hut and the like convert to green pizza boxes from ECO?

Maybe they need a little encouragement from us!

Information from the ECO website reveals:

“TheGreen Box utilizes a standard corrugated pizza box manufactured from either ‘B’ flute or ‘E’ flute.  While typical pizza boxes are currently manufactured from 60% recycled material, we are offering the option to use 100% recycled material, in accordance with FDA Title 21.”

As shown in the photo above, the box breaks into convenient-sized “plates” to reduce waste.  And, you can still use the remainder of the green box to store leftover pizza, which will take up 1/2 of the space normally required for pizza delivery containers.  Talk about a win-win!

We truly can “save the environment, one pizza box at a time.”

Are you with me?  Who’s going to start a campaign to their local pizza delivery restaurant?

I’ve got the numbers posted on my fridge already….

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