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September 14, 2009

Green Olympiad 2009, TERI International Environment Quiz Programme

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The Green Olympiad 2009, Teri quiz an international environment quiz programme will begin in India from Sept 12 ,2009.

The Energy and Resources Institute , TERI in association with the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests  organizes Green Olympiad every year.

Students  from class 8th to class 10th from any country in the world are eligible to participate in Green Olympiad Tera Quiz competition.

The unique Teri Green Olympiad will test students knowledge by asking questions arising from issues such as forests, wildlife, oceans, socio-economic aspects of natural resources,global climate change air and water pollution, environment-friendly initiatives and practices, land and water resources, to improve the  environment.

High school students from across the world can use this opportunity to test their knowledge on environmental issues by taking part in this unique environmental Olympiad which will begin on 12 September 2009 for Indian Schools and 26 September 2009 for International Schools.

Check out the  Green Olympiad sample questions

To avail your Roll Number check these links : Indian | International

The teri quiz rules say only Authorized schools can register the students.

Every participant will be awarded a certificate of participation from Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests.

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