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August 31, 2009

Green Movers Think Outside the Box

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Real green movers don't shake

Real green movers don't shake

Movers Not Shakers is a Brooklyn based moving company that has come up with a new kind of business model  that saves time, money, and the environment. Founded in 2002, they were green before green was cool….and they really do think outside the box, quite literally.

Unlike traditional movers, they pack your stuff in re-usable plastic bins  rather than  those big cardboard things that have to be  taped shut, cut open broken down and taken to the recycling station.   Then they load your belongings into a truck that runs on bio-diesel (yes folks, that’s cooking oil) and move  everything to your new place, where they unload, unpack and take back their plastic boxes for the next customer to use. How green is that?

But here is the best part.  Usually, moving companies charge by the hour and by the mile. Movers Not Shakers gives you a flat rate based on how much stuff you have, not how long it will take them to move it.  It’s a completely different paradigm. They start with an online estimate form (quite the thorough questionnaire) which they combine with an onsite visit  and then come up with an accurate flat rate estimate so you know before you move how much it is going to cost.

While most of their moves are within the city or to nearby suburbs, the company has moved people from New York to as far away as Texas and Ohio and they will consider moving you anywhere you want to go (although the plastic bins can only be used for fairly local moves– for the further afield ones they revert to traditional cardboard).

Wherever Movers Not Shakers move you, their aim is to make the carbon footprint of  your move as small as possible.  Sounds to me like they are a green business that is doing well by doing good. This is just the sort of thing we like around here and we give them lots of Peachy Green kudos for making a difference and thinking outside the box.

For details and a look at the online estimate form, check out their website.

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