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April 10, 2009

Green-Bagging to Save Money and the Planet

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Green-bagging it

In our last post, we wrote about eating green.  Among the various ways you can shop and eat to help the planet, consider your lunch plans each day.  The term “brown-bagging” it, is well-known, but out of date.  The idea is sound, but it needs some updating.

I suggest that we instead pack a green-bagging lunch to save money and the planet.

It’s really quite simple.

Purchase a reusable lunch box/bag.  Stop buying brown paper bags, and especially, quit getting lunch to go.  Make your lunch at home (I find this easiest to do the night before work/school) and then watch as your bank account stays full and your waistline may even shrink.  Really, its a much healthier choice all around.

If you don’t pack your own lunch, you’ll get hungry during the day.  This is bad on several levels.  First, if you stop by a local take-out joint, you’ll get bags, plastic utensils, napkins, etc. that you may not even use.  We won’t even address the extra calories and fat you’ll likely ingest.

Flickr Photo Recipe: Faruk´s healthy salad (17/18)

Eating green is easier when you green-bag your lunch

Second, buying lunch or snacks on the fly, on a regular basis, is much more expensive than if you picked them up at the store.  Your best bet is to pack protein-filled options that will keep you full and satisfied.  Almonds, beef jerky, apples, and string cheese are all excellent choices.  Avoid snacks with extra packaging and no nutritional value (yes, you know the ones!)

Great health starts at home.  Take a few extra minutes to consider your food choices and how you will energize yourself for the day ahead.  Save money and the plant by green-bagging.

I’m willing to bet that in one month, you’ll feel much healthier and happier all around.

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