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August 20, 2009

Gran Turismo 5 may let you damage a Tesla Roadster to your heart’s content

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Gran Turismo 5 damage rendering – Click above to watch video on Autoblog

Big budget racing games like Gran Turismo 5 need to continuously up the ante to keep gamers pretending they’re driving some of the world’s more powerful cars on courses around the globe. The latest, most dramatic addition to GT5 will be damage rendering, which isn’t exactly new to video race games, but still has our friends over at Autoblog pretty excited. We’re more interested in the fact that the 1,000 or so cars available to drive in the game includes not only includes hybrids like the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, but also “the latest Tesla model.” Whether this means the Roadster or Roadster Sport or the Model S, we’re waiting to find out. We’re also not sure if any of these vehicles have the damage rendering work done to them, since only some of the 1,000 cars got the special treatment. What we do know is that the physics engine will make these cars perform in the game the way they do in real life. So, if you haven’t spent time behind the wheel of a Tesla, this should offer an enjoyable substitute. You can even scrape the paint a bit and no one will complain.

The Roadster was previously featured in the video game Project Gotham Racing 4, something that was apparently quite a joy to behold.

Gallery: Tesla Roadster Sport


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