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May 5, 2009

Government Going Green to Save

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Government Going Green to Save

Government Going Green to Save

Here in my Central Oregon community, cities and counties across the region are working to minimize carbon footprints and save taxpayers tons of money (as well as tons of CO2 emissions).  Its so encouraging to hear about government going green to save.  Recently, the Bulletin (our local newspaper) reported on some of the efforts introduced by the City of Bend, Deschutes County, the Bend-LaPine School District and the Bend Park and Recreation District to turn to more sustainable practices.

When you read about how relatively simple these practices are, you may question whether your own city or county is doing as much as it can to consume less energy.

For example:

Bend has turned to hybrid vehicles for its fleet as of several years ago (I say they should transition entirely to plug-in vehicles, charged with solar power… but that’s just me!)

At the Deschutes County Administration Building, motion sensors have been installed to automatically turn off when people are not present.  Efforts are underway to use recycled paper again… in the past, the paper’s poor quality clogged copiers with dust.

Other agencies are considering whether to invest in more efficient machines, such as energy-efficient copiers which may cost slightly more than conventional models up front, but will save money and the environment over time.  It goes without saying that compact florescent bulbs will replace regular light bulbs and thermostats will be adjusted (down in the winter and up in the summer).  Why not add low-flow toilets and encourage work-place composting efforts too?

Minimize Carbon Footprint to Protect Mirror Pond

Minimize Carbon Footprint to Protect Mirror Pond

In order to continue towards more green decision-making, a conference will be held this Friday in Bend, led by the Central Oregon Environmental Center among various jurisdictions and agencies.  As a boardmember of the Bend 2030 organization, I am excited to see these efforts taking place.  Just one more step towards protecting the future of the local community in which we live.

And the Earth as a whole will benefit, as well.

We’d love to hear if your local government is going green!  What steps are being taken in your region to cut down greenhouse gas emissions?

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