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April 10, 2009

Going Global And Green

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Planeterra Foundation, the global non-profit dedicated to sustainable community development through travel, offers special voluntours for 2009.

On voluntours, travelers can assist with humanitarian and sustainable community projects internationally and experience cultural immersion.

In 30+ locations from Peru to India, Planeterra’s voluntours span health, education, employment skills training, cultural heritage preservation and environmental conservation.

Projects include conserving sea turtles in Costa Rica, supporting a community garden to feed people living with HIV/Aids in Zambia, and helping run a day care center for children of Rio’s favelas (slums).

Says Richard G. Edwards, Planeterra Director:

“Where there is a need, we recognize it, and we act quickly to meet it. Whatever the project, Planeterra has the insight, agility and technical and financial wherewithal to successfully see it through. Our goal is to empower local people and communities to strengthen their well being while promoting long-term, environmentally responsible growth.”

The 2009 Planeterra Voluntours include:

Project Ecuador: “Participants spend 8 days helping out on an organic farm and at a local community school, working with their environmental programs.”

Project Brazil: “Volunteer at a community run day-care that provides support to over 50 children, while living in one of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, or urban slums.”

Project Costa Rica: “Spend 5 days volunteering on a Sea Turtle Conservation Project. Activities include night beach patrols, data collection, and counting baby turtles.”

Project Tanzania: “Help out at different community projects, including a tourism-training institute on the island of Zanzibar, before embarking on a safari on the Serengeti.”

Project Botswana: “Work alongside a team of wildlife researchers at the Mashatu Game Reserve.”

For information on voluntour programs, visit Planeterra online.

Images courtesy of Planeterra

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