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June 16, 2009

Going Digital? Recycle Your Old TV

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TELELENINAIt’s almost June 12th, the day America switches from analog to digital TV broadcasting. All over the country cities and towns are bracing for a barrage of old analog sets thrown out with the trash or just dumped.

Don’t let one of them be yours. Recycle instead. It’s easy and with so many TV sets being discarded, it can make a big difference to preserving the environment.

If not disposed of properly, analog TV sets can dangerously contaminate air soil and groundwater.

Each cathode ray picture tube releases  three to eight pounds of lead into the environment as well as  mercury, cadmium and other toxic substances. So it is really important that you do the right thing with your old set.

A number of major retailers such as Best Buy and Office Depot offer free recycling for electronics including TV sets. Call city hall. Many municipalities have special recycling days for electronics, paint, and hazardous waste. Find out if yours does.  Check out donation possibilities if your set is fairly new and in good working order.  Shelters, the Salvation Army, Goodwill and other organizations can hook it up to a converter box or use it to show DVDs or tapes.   Last but not least, check the Internet for information.

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Earth 911 offers a zip-code based search engine that will give you all the recycling options in your area. The National Recycling Coalition is another good website with comprehensive listings for nationwide recycling resources.

So get going. June 12th is almost here. Hook up that new flat screen and don’t just put your old analog TV in the basement or garage. Recycle it. The plastic and metal in it can be re-used and the dangerous toxins can be safely disposed of.

It’s the green thing to do.

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