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May 5, 2009

Global Warming by the Numbers

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I listened to Jay Richards, PhD, give a Christian Perspective on the Environment.

Besides some interesting questions that he posed such as “Is a warmer Earth bad?” he through out some numbers. Yeah, I know the warming trend is bad for some, now, but when considering the big picture over the course of many years, is a warmer Earth bad? This question is far from answered.

Still, Dr. Richards also threw out some numbers.

If all the countries in the world were to seriously make every attempt to meet the Kyoto Protocol, it could costs $10-50 trillion. That’s a ‘T’ and the range is big because nobody really knows. And even if all the goals were met and the if the climate models are correct, two big IFs, temps MIGHT be lowered by .0.07C overall, an insignificant amount to say the least.

Now…to give the entire world sanitary water, the cost is estimated to be $200 billion – 1/50 the cost of the lower end of the global temperature fighting costs.

How might we spend our money more wisely?

What say you?

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