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August 12, 2009

Giloy, Giloy Herb, Nilgiri Oil, Remedies to prevent Swine Flu

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HB70 Swine flu is spreading like wild fire in India.

Indian Yoga Guru and Herbal Specialist Swami Baba Ramdeo claims that Swine flu is caused by the lack of resistant power inside our bodies.

He has suggested some tips to save ourselves from the deadly swine flu so below is the list of remedies which claim to treat or prevent Swine flu.

Giloy / Giloy Herb

Take GILOY herb (AMTA) one foot long branch and seven leaf of TULSI and mix it and collect juice of this mixture in a vessel. Boil this juice and drink it. This herbal juice will increase our body resistant up to three times. By which we can “save” from H1N1 Flu.

Nilgiri oil

Use Nilgiri Oil drops on handkerchiefs and masks and inhale regularly as one of the preventive measures against swine flu said the National Institute of Vairology (N I V).

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