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May 5, 2009

German’s Nat King Coal of Power Generation

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Coal will be German’s national king.  It’s not to be confused with that Nat King Cole. Despite its reputation for emission of harmful gases, Germany’s electricity, thanks to cleaner technology, will come from coal.

Germany's electricity (thanks to cleaner technology) will come from coal

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Germany is Europe’s biggest power market and in order to phase out nuclear power the Krauts must continue to focus on coal. Dependence on coal will also help Germany reduce its reliance on Russian gas.

“The planners are finding coal the more attractive option as opposed to gas, price-wise and in terms of availability,” said Manuel Frondel of the RWE research institute in Essen.

Germany gets half of its power output from coal which comes from reliable sources (friends) like Australia and South Africa.

The new technology – carbon capture and storage (CCS) is keeping environmentalists happy…until the storage bins become too fool, um, full.

Russia and Ukraine cut supplies to Europe in January throwing the reliability of gas as an energy source into doubt at a time when it was most needed. Russia can eat its heart out if the rest of the world learns to do without.

Germany’s cabinet already approved a CCS draft laws to develop the technology aimed at cutting coal plant pollution and burying CO2 underground.

CCS is coal-fired power generation’s only hope to play a role in the energy mix. In Britain, coal plants are already being forced to use CCS technology.

“Although CCS will take 10 to 15 years to develop and it is by no means certain that it will be applicable, passing the law will be one of the arguments in favor of the construction of new coal-fired plants,” said Claudia Kemfert of the DIW institute.

Russia! Ukraine! Are you reading?!

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