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April 10, 2009

Environmental Politics on Twitter: Who to Follow

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twitter [I originally published this at Red, Green, and Blue] Garnering considerable buzz in the world of politics as of late, the micro-blogging tool twitter is growing at an astonishing 1,382 percent—adding 7 million new accounts in February alone—and showing little sign of slowing down.

Although politicians themselves may be relative newcomers in the world of communicating in 140-character or less, those who write about and study politics aren’t. And that goes for those who favor environmental politics, too.

What is to follow is by no means an exhaustive list. I’ve also left out those accounts that only RSS feeds (while recognizing their value). I’ve certainly left off a few that belong here, but I encourage you to add them below. Remember, this is not necessarily a “Best of”, but rather a few of the eco-political twitterers I find value in. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

10 twitter users you should follow:

@emilygertz The lead blogger at’s Stop Global Warming blog, Emily Gertz’s work is all over the interwebs, including powerhouses like WorldChanging, Scientific American, and Grist.

@forestpolicy Deane Rimerman keeps the Forest Policy Research website updated with news and commentary about, you guessed it, forest policy. Good stuff.

@ghoberg I first came across Prof. Hoberg while doing some research on Canadian forest policy in grad school. Though relatively new to the twitterverse, his tweets are insightful and have even given me a few story ideas.

@greenskeptic Blogging the new green economy as The Green Skeptic since 2004, Scott Anderson lends his expertise on cleantech and social-entrepreneurial ventures, along with updates on his hoops game.

@grist More than just a twitterfeed, the folks at have developed a nice mix of links and conversational tweets on their twitterstream. While the content at Grist is not entirely politics, the content at Gristmill pretty much is — and it rocks.

@kgrandia Kevin Grandia is the Managing Editor of DeSmogBlog and also Director of New Media for Hoggan and Associates in Vancouver, Canada. When he’s not clearing the PR pollution that hovers around climate debate, he’s tweeting about politics, society and life. Never mundane.

@revkin Andrew Revkin is a long time science writer for the New York Times and leads their Dot Earth blog in addition to his print duties. His tweets often offer little snippets of what he is currently writing/researching (thus giving his followers a taste of what they can expect in tomorrow’s Times).

@sheagunther Green Options co-founder and mainstay on the green blogosphere, Shea Gunther is now blogging at Mother Nature News; a project that is already garnering considerable attention.

@sustainablog Jeff Mcintre-Strasburg has been blogging at sustainablog since 2003, which I think is right around the time Guttenberg invented the blog. Co-founder and former Senior Editor at Green Options, Jeff has a PhD in English and more than once been my go-to guy when I get caught in a grammatic pickle.

@YaleE360 With some of the most respected thinkers and doers in science and the environment, the YaleE360 website hit the ground running with some of the most thought-provoking environmental journalism on the net when it launched in the Summer of 2008.

Of course you can follow us on twitter at @redgreenandblue; or me, Tim Hurst, at @ecopolitologist, where I tweet about environmental politics and cleantech from my Green Options and ecopolitology work, along with other links I find worthy of sharing and the occasional personal tweets and twitpics.

Now it’s your turn. Who do you follow on twitter for environmental politics (broadly defined). Maybe people should be following you, that’s cool too, just tell us. Now’s your chance.

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