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June 27, 2009

.Eco to be proposed as the new domain at the ICANN Annual

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The green fringe of the Internet is surely on the grind as we slowly head towards the birth of  a new domain — .eco. There shouldn’t be any real problems with the creation of the domain but just like old times, even this name has to go through a process.

It will be the members of the .Eco LLC Group which will promote the domain at the annual conference of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers using a video stating why this domain would be great for the world.

The video features famous names like Al Gore (the main brain behind the propaganda of .eco) who makes the first appearance followed by other names including Jim Moriarty, Carl Pope and Richard Muller.

It is also being speculated that the a group called Big Room would regulate control as to who could claim the domain. Similar to  .edu, accreditation for .eco is also being rumored but that would mean an expensive domain price.

The domain name can be claimed by products, companies  and individuals related to ecological information. I have a positive feeling that our beloved Greenpacks also has a fair chance.

[via Ecorazzi]

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