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June 16, 2009

DOE announces $11 million in battery vehicle awards

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The fate of eleven million dollars from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the “development of advanced batteries for electric drive vehicles” was announced today. The companies that will get some of the investment money include:

  • A123Systems, Inc. (up to $1.1 million) “to develop a high throughput electrode fabrication process for their lithium ion battery technology.”
  • Angstron Materials LLC (and others, including GM, up to $1.6 million), “to develop hybrid nano carbon fiber/graphene platelet-based high-capacity anodes for lithium batteries.”
  • EnerDel (up to $3.3 million) “to develop a chemical shuttle agent that will eliminate the danger of overcharging lithium ion batteries developed for plug in hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and electric vehicles.”
  • MaxPower Inc.(up to $500,000) to adapt “MaxPower’s present battery management systems (BMS) for lithium-ion batteries to recognize the imminent appearance of an internal short and to take action to operate the battery in a safe state.”
  • North Carolina State University (and others, up to $1.35 million) “to develop high-energy composite nanofiber anodes for materials for lithium ion batteries.”
  • SION Power Corporation (up to $800,000) to demonstrate “the viability of their lithium sulfur (Li-S) rechargeable battery chemistry for electric drive vehicles.”
  • TIAX LLC (up to $2.36 million) to understand and prevent “internal short circuits in lithium ion cells.”

All told, the money from the DOE and the private sector could pump up to $19.36 million into these companies over the next three years. The amounts are subject to annual appropriations. More details after the jump.

[Source: DOE]

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